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Ed Sheeran plays “Lego House” outside of an actual Lego Store

Ed Sheeran performs outside of a Lego Store in Minneapolis


Something super cool just happened! Ed Sheeran did something totally unexpected during his tour. He actually worked at different places like restaurants and stores in between his concerts. But guess where he ended up? The Lego Store at the Mall of America in Minneapolis! How awesome is that?

So, Ed was in Minneapolis to perform two shows. Before his big concert at U.S. Bank Stadium, he decided to have some fun at the Lego Store. He put on a yellow apron and became a "brick specialist." He helped customers pick out Lego bricks and even signed some Lego sets. But wait, it gets even better! He grabbed his guitar and sang his song "Lego House" right there in front of a small crowd at the mall. Can you imagine how amazing that must have been?

Now, here's a fun fact about Ed Sheeran - he is totally obsessed with Lego! Back in 2017, when his first album became number one, he treated himself to a Star Wars Lego kit. How cool is that? He even once brought a Lego set on a date and built it while chatting with his date. Talk about a unique date idea!

In one of his Instagram videos, Ed mentioned that he had a bunch of Lego mini-figures made that say "Autumn is coming." He's been teasing us with this phrase for a while now, and it's got everyone wondering what he's up to. He even left some clues around the stadium about autumn coming. I wonder what he's planning? Exciting stuff!

So, there you have it. Ed Sheeran, the amazing singer, surprised everyone by working at the Lego Store and then performing his song "Lego House" at the Mall of America. He's a huge Lego fan and loves to have fun with it. Keep an eye out for more clues about what he's got planned for autumn. It's going to be awesome!

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