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"Swiftposium": Australia's Groundbreaking Symposium on Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift earns an honorary doctorate


It's one thing for Taylor Swift to inspire college courses, but Australia is pioneering a fresh academic wave. The nation is hosting the inaugural international academic symposium, humorously coined “Swiftposium”, to delve deep into the magnitude of this pop sensation's global impact, as highlighted by the BBC.

Coinciding with Taylor’s "Eras Tour" hitting Australian shores in February, this three-day academic event will dissect her imprint on the music scene, societal norms, and global economy.

Dr. Jennifer Beckett, from the University of Melbourne, is spearheading this symposium initiative. Describing Taylor as an undeniable “phenomenon”, she emphasized to the BBC how Ms. Swift's ripples touch various facets of our daily life. “Eras Tour is not merely a concert. Its economic ramifications are so strong that world leaders are vying to host it in their territories,” she observed.

The Swiftposium is an open platform, inviting academic minds from the Asia-Pacific to put forth their research proposals. The selected papers will be a melange of themes ranging from gender, identity, racial and intersectional dialogues, sexuality, mental health, the prowess of marketing, the #metoo era, contemporary culture, intellectual rights, to the potency of political conversations.

While the academic creme de la creme will be present, the Swiftposium is also extending its arms to Taylor's fans. And for the grand surprise - if Taylor wishes to grace the symposium, the red carpet is all set. Dr. Beckett enthused, “The room would be in collective awe if she dropped by. So, TayTay, consider this your formal invitation!”

LIVE! Wednesdays at 8pm ET on YouTube!


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