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*NSYNC Contemplates Reunion Tour: Joey Fatone Urges Fans to Rally

Joey Fatone at 90's Con


Fans of the iconic pop group *NSYNC might have their dream reunion tour become a reality, but only if they're vocal about their wishes, urges band member Joey Fatone.

Speaking at the recent 90s Con Florida event held on September 17, Joey opened up about the exhilarating experience of reuniting with fellow band members — Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, JC Chavez, and Chris Kirkpatrick — at the MTV VMAs. Recollecting the surreal feeling, Joey noted, “It was surreal in the sense of we kind of just … fell [back] into place.”

As the group anticipates the release of their new song “Better Place” at the end of September, fans are fervent with requests for a reunion tour. However, Joey maintained a level of uncertainty regarding the prospects of such a tour, saying, “And no, I don’t know if there is a tour.”

Nevertheless, he encouraged the dedicated fan base to take initiative if they are eager for a tour, advising them to “yell at the companies, yell at [record company] Sony, yell at them.” The strategy, Joey suggests, might be the key to convincing the stakeholders to organize a much-awaited reunion tour.

Despite the rally cry, fans might have to brace themselves for a waiting period given Justin Timberlake's solo tour scheduled for 2024, as reported by Billboard. The solo commitments of the star make it less likely for the *NSYNC reunion tour to materialize in the near future.

Aside from tour speculations, Joey and Lance Bass teased fans with a little festive hint. In a recent Instagram post, Lance shared a video where he and Joey were seen knocking on a door, playfully announcing, “Hello! Hey boys, we’re here! We brought pie.” With Lance teasing “Coming soon,” fans are left with buzzing curiosity, eagerly awaiting to unravel the holiday surprise the duo has in store.

As *NSYNC enthusiasts remain on the edge of their seats for more updates on potential reunion developments and the mysterious holiday surprise, it seems like the band is keeping the spirit of the '90s alive with their exciting endeavors and nostalgic vibes. The call to action by Joey ignites hope, instilling a sense of community as fans rally for a reunion tour that could very well be the music event of the decade.

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