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Michael Oher of 'The Blind Side' says he wasn't adopted, but put in a conservatorship

Michael Oher playing football

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Hey there! So, you know that awesome movie called The Blind Side? Well, the guy it's about, Michael Oher, has come forward and said that a big part of his story in the movie isn't true. He claims that instead of being adopted by a rich family, the Tuohys, they actually set up something called a conservatorship. This means that they were in charge of his money, his name, and his image, and they made some profit from it.

Now, Michael, who is 37 years old, has gone to court to ask for this conservatorship to be ended. A conservatorship is when someone is legally appointed to handle another person's money and personal stuff. He's also asking the Tuohys to show him all the money and things that belong to him, like they're supposed to according to the conservatorship. He wants them to pay him any money he should have gotten over the years, plus some extra money for interest. He also wants them to pay for his lawyer's fees and some extra money as punishment for not following the rules of the conservatorship.

So, basically, Michael is saying that the story in the movie isn't exactly how things went down, and he wants the Tuohys to make things right.

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