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Kevin Costner is now a "Swiftie"

Kevin Costner & Taylor Swift at an awards show.


Actor Kevin Costner went to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Los Angeles and he was totally amazed! He even posted pictures and videos from the show. Although they were a bit blurry, he had an incredible time with his daughter. He couldn't believe how Taylor's music brought so many people together.

You know what's cool? Kevin Costner is not only an actor but also a musician. He leads his own band called Modern West. He had a great view of Taylor's band and had a blast watching them perform. It was such an inspiring night for him that he officially became a Swiftie!

Here's some interesting news about Taylor Swift's tour. The New York Times says that her tour could bring in a whopping $4.6 billion in North America alone! That's a crazy amount of money. Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour is also expected to generate $4.5 billion. These tours are part of a trend called "revenge spending." It means that after the pandemic, people are spending more on experiences rather than things.

An economist named Brett House thinks that Taylor and Beyoncé timed their tours perfectly. He believes that these tours might be the last hurrah of revenge spending. As things go back to normal and people use up their pandemic savings, this trend might fade away. But for now, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are rocking it!

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