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Jimmy Buffett, ‘Margaritaville’ singer, dead at 76

Jimmy Buffett performing on stage

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

I have some sad news to share with you. Jimmy Buffett, has passed away. His official website and lots of news outlets confirmed it.

He was 76 years old.

According to a statement on his social media page, Jimmy peacefully left us on the night of September 1st. He was surrounded by his family, friends, music, and even his dogs. The statement said that he lived his life like a song until the very end, and so many people will miss him a whole lot.

We don't know the cause of his passing, though. In May, he had to go to the hospital after a trip to the Bahamas. He told his followers on social media that he had to stop in Boston for a check-up but ended up staying in the hospital to take care of some important things. A day later, he said he was going home soon and thanked everyone for their support and well wishes. He didn't say what was wrong, but he mentioned that he was excited to go on a fishing trip and get back in good shape.

Jimmy Buffett was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi, and grew up in Mobile, Alabama, which is a port town. He later moved to Key West, Florida, where he found his voice and became the awesome singer we all know.

Even though he didn't have a lot of songs that became super popular, he had a huge group of fans called "Parrotheads." They loved his music and his idea of living a laid-back life with flip-flops, beaches, boats, and having fun. As he got older, he did lots of other cool things too, like writing books that became bestsellers, making a musical for Broadway, and even opening his own restaurants and resorts.

It's a sad day for all the Parrotheads out there, but we'll always remember Jimmy Buffett and his amazing music.

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