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Dolly Parton Fulfills a Lifelong Fan's Wish: A Heartwarming Encounter


When Utah resident LeGrand "LG" Gold found out he had Stage IV colorectal cancer, he created a bucket list – a collection of dreams he hoped to realize. Right there at number 7 was meeting the one and only Dolly Parton. Written on a napkin in black marker, "LG’s List of Living" became a symbol of hope and determination.

In an unforgettable pre-Christmas surprise, Dolly Parton called LG and his wife. "I’ve heard you’ve been a fan for years. Thanks for that," she said during their heartwarming chat, which LG's wife Alice shared online.

LG, grinning from ear to ear, responded, "It’s been my honor." He shared how Parton's music had been a significant support, particularly in recent challenging years.

Talking to CNN affiliate KSL, LG revealed a tough update: his doctors had said that chemotherapy and radiation were no longer effective. It was time to be with his family.

Alice shared with Parton that LG had been a lifelong fan, holding season passes to Dollywood and their children receiving books from Parton’s Imagination Library.

"I’m thrilled we could share part of our journeys together in this lifetime," Parton reflected. "I aim to make people happy with my music and actions. Knowing I've touched your life means so much."

The "List of Living" went public on LG's Facebook in December 2022. It wasn’t just about meeting Parton – it also included dreams like an RV trip to the Grand Canyon, enjoying March Madness, attending a Natalie Merchant concert, and experiencing "TNT Inside the NBA."

Alice wasn't sure how Parton found out about the list. "Friends reached out to everyone, from her team to Tennessee politicians, after a local news story on LG went viral," she explained.

Parton ended their call with a promise of eternal affection, singing a personalized version of her classic hit, "I will always love you, LG."


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