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Could a Kurt Cobain Hologram Be the Next Big Concert Phenomenon?

Kurt Cobain performing on acoustic guitar

Hulton Archive

The waves created by ABBA's groundbreaking Voyage "reunion" hologram performance in 2022 have led many to ponder: Will die-hard Nirvana enthusiasts ever witness the legendary Kurt Cobain resurrected for a concert series? Krist Novoselic, the band's bassist, doesn't dismiss the notion.

During a recent MOJO interview, Novoselic playfully commented, “Who can predict the future?” He further quipped, “One moment I’m going, ‘Absolutely not’, but the next I'm pondering, ‘For that price? When do rehearsals begin?’”

The discussion emerged amid reflections on the 30th anniversary of "In Utero". The special anniversary box set, releasing on October 27, boasts two never-before-heard live recordings from iconic performances at the Los Angeles Great Western Forum (December 30, 1993) and Seattle Center Arena (January 7, 1994), complemented by six additional live tracks from their tour.

Novoselic enthusiastically shared, “Those concerts? Absolute fire." He pressed on, emphasizing, “They deserve an audience. With modern AI tech, you can now convert a stereo mix into a multitrack. This gives way to incredible mixes, raw and vibrant. And Kurt, center stage, driving the energy. Simply spectacular.”

In a poignant reflection last week, Novoselic pondered Nirvana’s potential trajectory had Cobain's life not been tragically cut short. “Our final joint track was ‘You Know You’re Right’, epitomizing Nirvana,” he reflected. “While Dave [Grohl] spearheads Foo Fighters, I’ve teamed up with Matt [Cameron] and Kim [Thayil] from Soundgarden for our band, Third Secret – think of us as the grunge ABBA."

Novoselic closed with a heartfelt sentiment: “Had Kurt persisted, the world would’ve gained so much. His absence is deeply felt. All I can do is dream.”

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