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Watch Ed Sheeran do his first onstage gender reveal

Ed Sheeran plays guitar on stage


Hey, guess what? Ed Sheeran, the famous pop star, had a really cool experience at one of his concerts! You know how sometimes fans ask their favorite celebrities to do crazy things? Well, Ed had some fans who wanted him to reveal the gender of their baby! How cool is that?

So, during his concert at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Ed took a break from singing his hit song "Perfect" to do this special gender reveal. He was super excited because it was his first time doing something like this. Watch it on Ed's Instagram post here

The couple who wanted the gender reveal gave Ed an envelope. He opened it up and announced to the whole crowd, "It's a girl!" The couple was so happy and hugged each other tightly. Ed, being a dad himself to two daughters, said it was awesome and congratulated them.

By the way, Ed and his wife, Cherry, have two daughters of their own. Their first daughter, Lyra, was born in September 2020, and their second daughter, Jupiter, joined their family in May 2022.

Isn't it amazing how celebrities can be a part of such special moments in their fans' lives? It just goes to show that even famous people can be down-to-earth and make their fans feel special.

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