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Twice-Lost $600,000 Diamond: Post Malone’s Unbelievable Encounters with Precious Gem Misadventures

Post Malone on the cover of Esquire Magazine


Amidst his notable stardom and affluent lifestyle, Post Malone encountered a nerve-wracking ordeal involving not just his lavish purchases but a precious, twice-lost $600,000 diamond. Unfurling in two different continents, these episodes presented the star with unforeseen dilemmas and intriguing stories to recount.

In an interview with Esquire for the October/November issue, Post Malone, renowned for his indulgences in unique ventures like acquiring a $2 million Magic: The Gathering card and establishing a sword and knife factory, delves into an astonishing episode in Rome. Mid-bite into a Chicken McNugget, Post felt a 12-carat diamond - one of two embedded in his teeth - dislodge and tumble into a sinkhole.

"Frustration engulfed me, visions of trudging through ancient Roman sewers looming in my mind," Malone recounted. However, ingenuity struck; employing pliers and a plastic tripod (usually found stabilizing pizza boxes), he fashioned a retrieval tool, successfully reclaiming the diamond. It was reinserted by a Roman dentist and later became the muse for his 2022 album, "12 Carat Toothache."

But the escapade with the elusive jewel didn’t end there. Merely a week post-Esquire interview, the $600,000 diamond made its escape again amidst a meal in a South American steakhouse. Bread, seemingly innocuous, became the culprit of its dislodgement. Yet, fortune favored Post, allowing him to rescue and reattach the gem once more.

Peering into future adventures, Post Malone eyes something a tad more enduring. "A crazy bunker farm is in the horizon, envisioning a picturesque ranch for running cattle, cultivating alfalfa, and yes, a pony for [my] baby, because the looming end beckons," shares the star, illuminating his distinctive and varied interests beyond the music industry.

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