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The “weird” story of Bob Dylan’s failed collaboration with Post Malone

Bob Dylan at a piano on stage


Hey, did you know that Bob Dylan once gave some lyrics to Post Malone for a new song? It was supposed to be part of a cool project where hip-hop artists would record songs using Dylan's lyrics. The idea came from a project called Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes, where artists like Elvis Costello used old Dylan lyrics to create new songs.

So, producer Michael Cash reached out to Dylan's representative and Dylan agreed to send some lyrics to Post Malone. The song was called "Be Not Deceived" and it was all about the loss of innocence. Cash thought it was like poetry.

But here's the thing, the song never got released. Malone went to the studio in March 2021 to record it, but Dylan wasn't there like he thought he would be. Malone only recorded about 40% of the song and didn't finish it. Cash said it needed more flair and layers to make it complete.

Unfortunately, Malone never went back to finish the song and Dylan's team got tired of waiting. They decided to take back the lyrics. It's not clear why Malone didn't finish recording the song. Cash thinks it's because nobody managed expectations or communicated properly. He said things got really weird after a while.

So, that's the story of how a really cool piece of music never got finished. It's a shame because it had so much potential.

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