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Taylor Swift pays each Eras Tour truck driver $100,000 bonus

Taylor Swift on stage Eras Tour


Taylor Swift is not only famous for her music, but also for being super generous to her friends and crew! Recently, she surprised everyone by giving a huge bonus to the truck drivers who work on her tour. Can you believe it? Each driver received a whopping $100,000 bonus! That's a lot of money! And get this, there are 50 drivers, so Taylor could have given away around $5 million in total. Wow!

But wait, there's more! It wasn't just the truck drivers who got a special treat. Taylor also gave bonuses to her band members, dancers, lighting and sound technicians, and other crew members. How cool is that? We don't know exactly how much they received, but it was definitely a "very generous amount." Taylor sure knows how to show her appreciation to the people who help make her concerts amazing.

This surprise gift was given as a way to celebrate the end of the U.S. leg of Taylor's tour, called The Eras Tour. She's finishing up with six performances at SoFi Stadium in LA. It's like a big party to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the tour a success.

Taylor Swift is not only a talented singer, but also a kind-hearted person who knows how to make people feel special. We can all learn a lesson from her generosity. Keep spreading the love, just like Taylor!

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