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Sharon Osbourne's Unusual Methods to Keep Ozzy Sober

Kelly, Ozzy, & Sharon Osbourne

Getty Images North America

In a recent episode of The Osbournes podcast, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne shared a hilariously unconventional strategy used to keep rock icon Ozzy Osbourne sober. The anecdote, humorously recounted in Ozzy's absence, revealed the lengths to which Sharon would go to deter her husband from substance abuse.

Kelly began the tale, recalling the discovery of Ozzy’s hidden weed stash. When confronted with the situation, Sharon, in a moment of bizarre ingenuity, decided to take matters into her own hands – quite literally. Opting for a radical approach, she contaminated the stash in a way that is both shocking and comedic. This action led to an uproarious reaction from Ozzy, chasing his wife and daughter down the hotel hallway in disbelief.

Jack Osbourne, witnessing the event, confirmed the dramatic, yet comical, scene that unfolded. The prank nearly resulted in a door being ripped off its hinges due to Ozzy’s outrage.

But Sharon's unorthodox interventions didn't stop with weed. She recounted another instance involving brandy, where she used a similarly unappealing method to discourage Ozzy's drinking. This led to a moment of realization for Ozzy, marked by a mixture of shock and acknowledgment of Sharon’s determination.

These stories, shared with humor and a touch of absurdity, highlight the unique dynamics of the Osbourne family and the extraordinary lengths they've gone to support Ozzy's nearly decade-long journey of sobriety. It's a testament to love's power, sometimes expressed in the most unexpected ways.

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