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Rolling Stones to Unveil ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ First Album in 18 Years, Featuring Late Charlie Watts

Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones speak with Jimmy Fallon about their new album, "Hackney Diamonds."

From The Rolling Stones

In a recent revelation that is set to rock the music world, the Rolling Stones have shared intricate details of their upcoming album, “Hackney Diamonds,” their first in a staggering 18 years. The announcement came through a live-streamed interview featuring comedian Jimmy Fallon in London, a session that gave fans a taste of what’s to come.

Honoring Charlie Watts

Mick Jagger, the charismatic frontman of the band, divulged that this album also stands as their first musical venture since the death of their revered drummer, Charlie Watts, in 2021. Fans can look forward to experiencing Watts’ magic in two tracks, which were recorded a couple of years before his passing.

Album Insights and Single Release

The eagerly awaited album comprises 12 immersive tracks and introduces its lead single, “Angry,” through a captivating music video starring Sydney Sweeney of “White Lotus” fame. The full album, slated for release on October 20, promises a rich experience, with notable guest appearances by Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder on one of the tracks.

Jagger conveyed the band’s genuine appreciation for their newest creation at the Hackney Empire theater, sharing, "We are quite pleased with it, we’re not big-headed about it but we’re pleased with it and hope you all like it.”

The Genesis of “Hackney Diamonds”

Elaborating on the choice of the album title, Keith Richards mentioned that it emerged from a series of brainstorming sessions, eventually finding roots in London slang that refers to shards of glass left behind from shattered car windscreens, signifying a grounded, raw aspect of London.

The Creation Process

The leading single, “Angry,” which has Jamaican creative fingerprints, emerged as a frontrunner among several tracks crafted there. Richards highlighted the joy and cohesion the band experienced while recording in the studio, a testimony to their timeless camaraderie.

A Legacy Continued

Marking their 24th studio album, “Hackney Diamonds” seeks to add another milestone in the Stones’ illustrious journey, which spans over six decades adorned with iconic tracks such as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Sympathy for the Devil.”

Teasing and Building Anticipation

In an ingenious marketing strategy, the band had previously stirred curiosity through a faux glass-repair business advertisement in the Hackney Gazette, sprinkled with references to some of their greatest hits. Following that, they tantalized fans with sneak peeks of the new album through various mediums, including a preview on a specially designed website and a Jimmy Fallon “Stones Phone” video hinting at his participation in the album launch.

As the Rolling Stones gear up to release “Hackney Diamonds,” the world waits with bated breath, ready to embrace the new era of music from the legendary band, echoing sentiments of nostalgia and renewed excitement.

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