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Rihanna makes huge donation to support homeless veterans

Rihanna performing on stage


Rihanna just made a super big donation to an organization called Always for the People Foundation. This organization helps out homeless veterans and people who have been treated unfairly by the system. How awesome is that?

A source told a news website called Page Six that Rihanna got in touch with the founder of the organization, Sennett Devermont. They chatted on the phone and then something amazing happened.

Devermont got busy and started giving out lots of stuff to people in need. They handed out hygiene kits, socks, clothes, sleeping bags, food, shoes, toilet paper, and even dog food! They really covered all the bases.

Now, here's something really cool. Even though Rihanna couldn't be there in person to show her support because she had some new babies to take care of, she did something really special in 2022. She went to a place in Los Angeles where homeless and disabled veterans live, right outside the VA Medical Center. And get this, she did it while she was pregnant with her first child, RZA. How amazing is that?

Oh, and by the way, Rihanna just had her second son with A$AP Rocky. So she's not only a superstar singer, but also a super generous and caring person.

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