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Pro-cat charity warns fans against Taylor Swift-fueled cat-spinning trend

Taylor Swift performs on stage


Taylor Swift is a huge fan of cats. But here's the thing, there's this new trend on TikTok that might make her upset. People are using her song "August" as background music while they spin their cats or other pets around the room.

Now, I know it might seem fun and all, but there's a charity called Cats Protection in Britain that wants to warn everyone about the potential harm this trend can cause to our furry friends. Daniel Warren-Cummings, who works for the charity, explained that it's not right to make animals feel scared, anxious, frustrated, or in pain just for our entertainment.

Cats, in particular, can get extremely stressed out when they're swung or spun around. It could even hurt them physically! If you watch those videos, you'll notice that the cats look really distressed. It's really disappointing to see people calling it cute or funny in the comments, especially when they claim to love cats.

Daniel also mentioned that even if the spinning only lasts a few seconds, it's still not okay. In fact, it's considered unethical. And here's a heads up for those of you in the U.K., causing unnecessary suffering to a cat is actually against the law under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. So, be careful!

You can still enjoy Taylor Swift's song "August" as much as you want, just make sure to put your kitty down while you're jamming out. Let's keep our furry friends safe and happy, okay?

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