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Post Malone Embraces Kiwi 'Shoey' Tradition and Signs Fan Tattoo in Auckland

Post Malone


At his recent Auckland performance, Post Malone turned the stage into a playground of fan engagement, wholeheartedly diving into New Zealand's raucous concert traditions and leaving fans ecstatic.

The highlight of the night, as reported by Mai FM, was Posty's embrace of the “shoey,” a rite of passage Down Under where one chugs beer from a willingly donated shoe. After a fan's sneaker landed on stage, Posty inspected it, gave it a humorous 4 out of 10 rating for cleanliness, then proceeded to fill it with beer. With the crowd's roaring encouragement, he drank the concoction and quipped about the flavor, playfully upgrading the shoe's score to a 6.

The evening's fanfare didn't end there. Daniel, a devoted fan, flaunted his sprawling back tattoo of Post Malone's face, which earned him not only a spotlight on stage but also an autograph from the man himself. Posty lauded the tattoo's striking resemblance, crowning it the "handsomest tattoo" in the venue.

Earlier in the week, Post Malone's offstage camaraderie was on full display when he belted out The Proclaimers' hit "(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles" alongside the band in a local bar, showcasing his love for good tunes and good times.

This Auckland show will be remembered not just for the music but for the remarkable interactions that blurred the lines between artist and audience, proving Post Malone's concerts are more than just performances—they're unforgettable experiences.

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