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Paul Reubens, Pee-wee Herman star, dead at 70

Pee-wee Herman's Paul Reubens


Hey everyone, I have some sad news to share. Paul Reubens, the actor who played the funny and silly character Pee-wee Herman, has passed away. He was 70 years old.

In a message on his social media, his publicist wrote, "Last night we said goodbye to Paul Reubens, a famous American actor, comedian, writer, and producer. He created the character Pee-wee Herman, who made people of all ages laugh and brought joy to their lives. Paul was a brave and strong person who fought cancer for many years. He never gave up and always stayed positive and funny. He was really talented and made us laugh a lot. We will always remember him as a great friend and a kind-hearted person."

Before he passed away, Paul Reubens wrote a message for all of us. He said, "I'm sorry for not telling you about my illness for the past six years. I have always felt loved and respected by my friends, fans, and supporters. I love all of you so much and I enjoyed making art for you."

It's a sad time for all of us, but let's remember Paul Reubens for the happiness he brought into our lives.

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