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Miley Cyrus says she’ll “cherish” walking mom Tish down the aisle “the rest of my life”

Tish & Miley Cyrus at an award show


Miley Cyrus was so excited to see her mom, Tish Cyrus, get married to Dominic Purcell, from Prison Break. Miley told Vogue that it made her really emotional to see her mom so happy and in love. She thinks that Dom and her mom have the sweetest and most genuine love. It's like they're experiencing love for the first time, which is perfect for her mom because she has a young spirit. Since they met, it's like they're getting younger instead of older. Miley thinks her mom is even more beautiful now.

The wedding day was really special and magical, just like the couple. Miley was so happy to stand beside her mom and give her away to Dom. It's a moment that she will always remember.

Miley also helped Dom plan the engagement last November. She told Vogue that it was like a role reversal for them. Usually, her mom is the one behind the scenes, helping Miley get ready for important events like cheerleading competitions or performances. Her mom has always been there to support her and celebrate her achievements. Now that Miley is older, she feels honored to be able to do the same for her mom.

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