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Miley Cyrus Recounts Cherished Memories with Late Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins performing on stage


Miley Cyrus is warmly reminiscing about the precious time she spent with Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who tragically passed away in March 2022.

In a recent entry to her TikTok series titled "Used to Be Young," Cyrus disclosed that she forged a deep connection with Hawkins during the challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, given that they were neighbors. The friendship flourished with nightly music sessions that became a staple in their routine.

"We became inseparable during that period,” Cyrus recollected. "Our nightly jam sessions were filled with Chrissie Hynde songs, with Taylor teaching me how to play them on the drums. Those playful and musical nights where we would dance to ‘Brass in Pocket’ are now etched in my heart forever.”

As she narrated her personal experiences with Hawkins, Cyrus couldn't hold back tears recalling the tragic event that unfolded after her emergency plane landing due to a lightning strike en route to a Paraguay festival - an event Foo Fighters were also slated to headline. Hawkins was the first person she reached out to post the incident, sharing her traumatic experience.

“It was heartbreaking to wake up to the news of his demise shortly after our conversation,” a somber Cyrus revealed.

In a tribute that mirrored his vibrant spirit and passion for music, Cyrus dedicated her song “Angels Like You” to Hawkins during her performance in Brazil on March 26, 2022, just a day after Hawkins passed away.

"I had this deep conviction that Taylor, a soul full of life and music, would want me to soldier on and perform despite the immense pain,” Cyrus said, her voice brimming with emotion.

Honoring the late drummer’s memory, Cyrus graced the stage at Foo Fighters’ tribute concert for Hawkins in Los Angeles in September 2022. There, she united with Def Leppard members to cover their song “Photograph,” a performance deeply influenced by a voicemail from Hawkins encouraging her to cover the song.

Through tears and smiles, Cyrus is keeping Taylor Hawkins’ spirit alive, cherishing the music lessons, the shared laughter, and the deep conversations, portraying a friendship that was uniquely warm, nurturing, and full of music. Through her series, fans get a glimpse of the beautiful bond they shared, a testimony to a friendship that transcended the realms of music, into something deeply personal and touching.

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