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Mick Jagger's Fortune Legacy: For Charity or Children?

Mick Jagger in July

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Mick Jagger's fortune and what lies ahead for it has become the topic of intrigue, especially for his large family.

The Wall Street Journal's recent exclusive with the rock legend delved into the workings of the Rolling Stones, particularly as they gear up to launch their first original album after a lengthy 18-year hiatus.

While Jagger candidly admitted his lack of enthusiasm for the business side of the music realm, he acknowledged its importance. Over the years, The Stones' tours have raked in immense revenue. However, when probed about the potential sale of their post-1971 music catalog, Jagger was firm in his negation.

Shedding light on his financial future, he expressed his belief that his offspring – Karis, Jade, Elizabeth, James, Georgia May, Lucas, Gabriel, and Deveraux, who range between six and 52 – wouldn't necessitate a $500 million inheritance for a comfortable life. This has led to speculations, bolstered by the publication, that a hefty charity donation might be on the cards.

Acknowledging the innovative revenue streams in today's music industry, the 80-year-old Jagger remarked, “Nowadays, even a posthumous tour isn't out of bounds, right?”

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