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Mayor Offers to Officiate Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's Wedding

Taylor Swift appears at a Kansas City Chief's game.


Kansas City's Mayor, Quinton Lucas, has an intriguing proposition for power couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. In a recent chat with Business Insider, Lucas highlighted the significant impact Swift has had on Kansas City since her relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs' tight end began. From the economic surge brought by Swift's Eras Tour to the boost local businesses receive whenever she's in town, her presence is a boon for the city.

Lucas humorously noted, "It's like we get a mini piece of the Eras Tour every other weekend with a football game." Jessica Palm, Vice President of the Kansas City Area Development Council, added that local brands are fully embracing the Taylor Swift wave.

Despite several opportunities, Lucas has respectfully refrained from meeting Swift, even when they've been mere suites apart at Arrowhead Stadium. He joked about the awkwardness of a formal introduction, preferring to keep their interactions casual.

However, the mayor playfully hinted at a potential future involvement in the couple's relationship, should they ever decide to tie the knot. "If they need me to officiate a wedding or anything like that, then I’m there for ’em," Lucas stated, showcasing his support and the special bond the city has developed with the couple.


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