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Mariah Carey Faces New Legal Battle Over Christmas Classic

Mariah Carey sits in front of a holiday decorated fireplace


The festive joy surrounding Mariah Carey's holiday anthem may face a legal chill as songwriter Vince Vance renews his copyright infringement claims against the pop diva for her beloved hit, "All I Want for Christmas is You."

With legal documents filed on November 1st, Vance presents a case echoing his previous allegations that Carey's 1994 smash hit borrows heavily from his 1989 song, which shares the same title. This legal action marks the second attempt to challenge Carey, following a lawsuit last year that ultimately did not proceed.

In the lawsuit's revival, Vance now wields the legal expertise of Gerard P. Fox, known for his litigation against Taylor Swift concerning her song "Shake it Off." The case has been rekindled with a heightened personal approach, detailing disputes over the creation story of Carey's hit by her own co-writer, Walter Afanasieff.

The contention isn't solely lyrical; the suit claims Carey's track mimics the musical composition of Vance's earlier work. The lawyers' argument points to the unique phrasing and chord progression of the chorus, suggesting a significant resemblance that oversteps the bounds of coincidence.

The legal battle reopens the debate on the originality of one of the most enduring modern Christmas songs, with the plaintiff's team boldly accusing Carey of an "actionable infringement" with a narrative that even her collaborator reportedly doubts.

As the case proceeds, the question hangs in the air like a winter's frost: Will Mariah Carey's holiday hit weather this renewed legal storm, or could this lawsuit dampen the sparkle of her seasonal soundtrack?

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