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Maren Morris Revives an '80s Classic: A New Take on "Dancing with Myself"

Maren Morris


Renowned for chart-toppers such as "The Middle" and "The Bones," Maren Morris is now breathing new life into an iconic '80s track: Billy Idol's "Dancing with Myself." In her latest creative endeavor, Morris has unveiled a music video that captures her venturing into the iconic Nashville record shop, Grimey's. Here, she selects the classic track and steps up to the microphone to offer a captivating, slowed-down, acoustic rendition.

As Morris delivers her version of the song, she is seen dancing solo among the record store's aisles, a symbolic nod to the song's title. This acoustic interpretation not only showcases her vocal prowess but also adds a personal touch to the narrative, reflecting her current phase of life.

"Dancing with Myself," initially brought to life by Billy Idol's band Gen X in 1980, gained massive popularity when Idol released a remixed version under his name in 1981. The song became an MTV staple, celebrated for its vibrant energy and rebellious spirit.

2023 marked a significant year for Morris, as she announced the end of her marriage to fellow artist Ryan Hurd. This cover, produced in collaboration with Visible Wireless—a wireless service designed for individuals embracing singleness—serves as a poignant reflection of her current state. In a heartfelt discussion with Yahoo Entertainment, Morris shared, "For me right now, I’m really leaning into my sort of singleness and it’s daunting but exciting."

She further elaborated on her connection with the song, expressing how the act of writing down the lyrics unveiled a melancholic resonance, underscoring the relatability of singleness. This period in Morris's life is not just about personal transformation but also professional evolution. Having announced her decision to temporarily step away from the country music scene, where she has enjoyed tremendous success, Morris is now exploring new musical territories.

In recognition of her innovative contributions to music, Morris is set to receive the Visionary Award at the upcoming Billboard Women in Music Awards on March 6. As Morris ventures into this new chapter, both personally and professionally, her rendition of "Dancing with Myself" stands as a testament to her resilience and willingness to explore vulnerability through her artistry.

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