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Lewis Capaldi: A Journey of Healing and Music

Lewis Capaldi


In a heartwarming update shared on New Year's Eve, Lewis Capaldi, renowned for his hit “Before You Go,” revealed significant progress in his health since his pause from touring in June 2023. Embracing this period for his mental and physical wellbeing, Capaldi has been working closely with healthcare professionals, focusing on managing his Tourette’s and anxiety.

The Scottish singer expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans following his announcement. He noted a considerable improvement in his conditions, attributing it to the break he took for self-care. This time off has not only been beneficial for his health but also creatively fruitful, as evidenced by his latest work.

Capaldi surprised his fans with an extended edition of his second studio album, "Broken by Desire to Be Heavenly Sent," featuring five new songs. Released on New Year's Day, this special edition is a testament to his resilience and dedication to his craft, even amidst personal challenges.

Capaldi's journey is more than a hiatus; it's a testament to the importance of prioritizing health in the demanding world of music. He plans to continue his focus on self-care, hinting at potential new music and reflecting on his remarkable career so far. His commitment to returning to the stage "100%" shows his dedication to delivering the best for his fans.

This update from Capaldi is not just about an artist taking a break; it's a story of personal growth, the healing power of music, and the unyielding support of fans. As Capaldi continues on his path of healing, he remains an inspiration to many, showcasing the strength in vulnerability and the beauty in taking a step back to move forward.


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