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Lady Gaga wondered if she was “a really bad actor” ahead of ‘A Star Is Born’ Venice premiere

Lady Gaga at a film premiere


The Venice Film Festival this year began on August 30. However, for many Lady Gaga enthusiasts, it’s her dramatic 2018 entrance that remains unforgettable. Back then, she made a statement by arriving via boat, embodying classic Hollywood charm with her platinum blonde pin curls and a chic black dress. Despite her external confidence, internally, she grappled with uncertainty, as recalled by the festival's director.

Alberto Barbera spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about a significant memory from his tenure as the director of the Venice Film Festival. That memorable year saw Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper attending the A Star Is Born premiere in pouring rain. Post the red carpet event, Gaga dropped by Barbera's office to refresh her makeup and dry up before proceeding to the theater.

It was uncommon for actors to enter the auditorium directly, Barbera remarked. Lady Gaga, accustomed to performing for massive audiences, felt apprehensive. According to Barbera, Gaga expressed her doubts, questioning, "It’s my debut in film. What if I’m a terrible actor?"

However, any apprehensions she had were unfounded.

Barbera nostalgically remembers the thunderous applause that resonated in the theater. "I comforted her, offering a reassuring arm around her shoulders. In a brief moment, she uttered a few Italian phrases. I found myself bolstering the confidence of Lady Gaga," he shared.

Relating a similar anecdote to The Guardian, Barbera mentioned how Gaga was visibly nervous. "She was trembling," he noted. "I escorted her into the theater with a comforting gesture. By the film’s conclusion, she was in tears."

Lady Gaga's stellar performance in A Star Is Born didn’t go unnoticed. She secured an Oscar nomination for her role and clinched the Best Original Song Oscar for "Shallow", a track she had a hand in writing for the movie.

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