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Lady Gaga Triumphs in Legal Battle Over Dog-Napping Reward Money



Lady Gaga has clinched a legal victory, thwarting a $2 million lawsuit over reward money for her stolen dogs, according to a detailed report by Rolling Stone.

In 2021, a contentious scenario unfolded when Gaga's dogs, Koji and Gustav, were dognapped, prompting the artist to offer a substantial $500,000 reward for their safe return, ostensibly "no questions asked." Jennifer McBride, asserting she found them tied to a pole, presented the dogs to a Los Angeles Police Department station, attempting to claim the sizable reward.

The plot thickened when it was unveiled that McBride was, in fact, privy to the dogs being stolen, having received them with the intention to “return” them and claim the reward. Subsequently, McBride, now serving a two-year felony probation after a no-contest plea to receiving the stolen dogs, launched a $2 million lawsuit against Gaga. Her claim rested on the assertion that she was entitled to the money due to Gaga's initial “no questions asked” reward offer.

After a dismissal of McBride's initial lawsuit in July, and a subsequent refiling two weeks later, an LA judge has once more ruled in Gaga's favor. Judge Holly J. Fujie asserted that McBride is not “entitled to benefit from [her] wrongdoing," precluding her from amending her complaint in the future.

As this legal drama unfolds, the actual perpetrators behind the dog-napping are behind bars, serving their respective prison sentences.

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