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Kevin Hart ends up in wheelchair after being ‘dumbest man alive’

Kevin Hart in 2022

Robin L Marshall/WireImage/Getty Images

Kevin Hart recently found himself in a wheelchair after attempting to do something silly. He shared a video on his Instagram account where he admitted to being the dumbest person alive. In the video, he explained how he tried to race his friend, Stevan Ridley, who used to play in the NFL. Unfortunately, Kevin ended up hurting himself instead.

Kevin, who is 44 years old, realized that age can catch up with you. He warned everyone who is 40 years old or older to respect their age because it's not a joke. He confessed that he made a bet with Ridley, thinking he could beat him in a sprint. But things didn't go as planned.

Kevin revealed that he tore his lower abdomen and his abductors, which are muscles he didn't even know he had. As a result, he couldn't walk and had to use a wheelchair. He called himself the stupidest man alive for even attempting such a race.

Ridley, Kevin's friend, responded to the video on his own Instagram stories. He mentioned that he saw Tom Brady, another football player, do something similar at Kevin's age, so he thought Kevin could do it too. Ridley apologized for his part in the race and wished Kevin a speedy recovery.

It's not the first time Kevin has faced injuries. In 2019, he had a serious car accident that caused major back injuries.

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