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Katy Perry Entangled in a $15 Million Mansion Dispute: Court Appearance Looms

Katy Perry on the set of American Idol


Pop superstar Katy Perry is expected to find herself in an unexpected spotlight this week, not on stage, but potentially in a courtroom.

According to Bloomberg, the "Firework" singer may testify in a looming trial concerning the ownership battle over a lavish $15 million mansion located in Montecito, California. The intricate legal saga began when Carl Westcott, the entrepreneur behind 1-800-Flowers, inked a deal in July 2020 to sell the estate to Perry through her business manager.

The plot thickened when Westcott, aged 83, had a change of heart. Citing the influence of pain medication following a surgical procedure, he alleged he wasn't of sound mind during the contract's signing and no longer wished to proceed with the sale.

However, Perry held her ground. Beyond insisting on the initial deal's fulfillment, she sought an extra $1.4 million from Westcott. This sum, she argues, equates to potential rental revenue lost due to the sale's derailment.

In response, Westcott legally challenged Perry's business manager, aiming to nullify the sale. The manager's legal counsel contends that Westcott was fully aware and deliberate in his actions, as evidenced by his engagement of a real estate broker, house-hunting for a new residence, coordinating Perry's property visit, and even presenting a counterproposal that Perry agreed upon. However, Westcott’s resolve wavered a mere two days later.

Taking the reins of the legal proceedings due to his father's declining mental and physical health, Westcott’s son, armed with power of attorney, narrates a different tale. He mentioned a proposal to financially compensate Perry in exchange for dropping the sale, an offer she declined. Expressing his disappointment with the proceedings, he shared his shock with Bloomberg regarding the treatment meted out to him and his father.

The case now rests in the hands of Judge Curtis Kin of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, who will deliver a verdict on the mansion's rightful owner.

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