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Jennifer Lopez Sets Date for Dual Album and Film Release: 'THIS IS ME…NOW

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is orchestrating a grand comeback to the music scene with a creative twist that promises to delight both her fans' auditory and visual senses.

Her latest project, 'THIS IS ME…NOW', not only marks JLo's return to the studio after nearly a decade but also brings an immersive film experience that delves into the high-profile whirlwind of her romantic life. Slated for release on February 16, the album is accompanied by a film of the same name, a creative venture in collaboration with her husband, Ben Affleck, and writer Matt Walton, under the visionary direction of Dave Meyers.

Described as an "enthralling musical and visual reimagining," the film promises to be a spectacle of dance, design, and star-studded appearances, offering an intimate yet fantastical peek into JLo's journey through fame, love, and resilience.

The anticipation heats up as the lead single, "Can’t Get Enough," teases a January 10 release, with fans given a taste of what’s to come via a tantalizing teaser on Lopez's social media channels. The full experience of 'This Is Me …Now: The Film' is set to captivate audiences on Prime Video, marrying the rhythms of JLo's new music with the cinematic storytelling of her life's most public chapters.

Prepare to embark on an enthralling ride with Jennifer Lopez as she brings her story to life in an unprecedented blend of album and film, capturing the essence of her artistic evolution and the heart of her personal narrative.

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