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Jason Aldean buys $10.2 million Florida mansion in Martin County

Jason & Brittany Aldean

Country music star Jason Aldean just bought a super fancy house on Hutchinson Island! It cost a whopping $10.2 million and has a bunch of cool features. The house is right by the ocean and has 7,317 square feet of space. Can you believe it? It also has four bedrooms and six bathrooms, which is pretty awesome. Jason and his wife Brittany bought the house in February 2022.

The people who sold the house are called The W Real Estate Trust, and they're from Nashville. They're the ones who also sold Jason's old house on St. George Island in Franklin County. It's pretty common for famous people to buy houses using a special kind of company called a limited liability corporation or a trust. This way, their names don't show up on public records, which gives them some extra privacy.

Just recently, on May 18, 2022, Brittany Aldean shared a video tour of their new house on Instagram. She loves home decor and wanted to show off their awesome Florida home to her followers. If you're into that stuff, you should definitely check it out for some inspiration!

Oh, and by the way, the Aldeans' new house is near a road called A1A. So if you ever happen to be in Martin County, you might just spot their fancy mansion!

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