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Gwen Stefani: Shining Bright on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Gwen Stefani performing on stage


Gwen Stefani, the multitalented pop icon and lead vocalist of No Doubt, is all set to be enshrined eternally on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, marking a significant milestone in her illustrious career.

This notable moment is scheduled for October 19, where Stefani will be honored with the 2,764th star on the renowned Walk of Fame. The star will grace the sidewalk at 6212 Hollywood Blvd., nestled right beside the famed Amoeba Music record store. Fans globally can join the joyous occasion, as the ceremony, commencing at 11:30 a.m. ET, will be livestreamed on

The event promises enchanting moments, featuring guest speakers such as Jimmy Iovine, the stalwart head of Stefani’s record label; renowned music manager Irving Azoff; and a heartfelt address by Gwen’s husband, country music star Blake Shelton.

Ana Martinez, the producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, shared an exuberant statement expressing, “Gwen Stefani is the pride and joy of California!” Acknowledging her multifaceted talent, she added, “An acclaimed singer/songwriter and performer, Gwen has also made her mark as a skillful fashion designer and cosmetics mogul. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to welcome not just a girl, but a mega talent to the Hollywood Walk of Fame!”

Join in celebrating the journey of Gwen Stefani, as she steps into a new chapter of recognition and honor, shining perpetually among the stars on the Hollywood Boulevard.

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