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Florida local, Doechii, is ’Allure’s’ Melanin Edit cover star

Doechii on the cover of Allure Magazine


Hey there, meet Doechii! She's a super cool musician from Florida who's making waves in the music industry. You might have heard her catchy song called "What It Is." Guess what? She recently got featured on the cover of Allure magazine for their Melanin Edit series. How awesome is that?

In the interview, they asked Doechii a really interesting question: "What does a nerd look like?" She's only 25 years old, but she's already achieved so much. She talked about her journey to fame and some personal stuff that helped her become who she is today.

When Doechii was in sixth grade, she created her stage name as a way to find the courage to be herself. She used to try to fit in and be what everyone wanted her to be because she just wanted to be loved. But then, she had a realization. She told herself, "Hey, I can be gay, I can be weird, I can sing, I can listen to rock music, and I can even learn how to write rock music. I can do whatever I want and be true to myself."

Middle school was a tough time for Doechii. She felt like nobody understood her. People would ask her nosy questions about her looks and personal life, and it made her really anxious. But now, she's learned to let go of what others think and focus on her own happiness.

Doechii is living her best life now, both in her music and personal journey. She's determined to win and be the best artist she can be. She realized that the most important thing is to love herself, and now that she does, she's ready to conquer the world. Go, Doechii!


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