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Fender Celebrates Bruno Mars with an Exclusive Signature Guitar

Bruno Mars sits with a vintage Fender Stratocaster


Bruno Mars may not view himself through the lens of a seasoned guitar player, but Fender begs to differ, bestowing upon him the honor of a signature guitar that echoes his distinctive flair. The Bruno Mars Signature Stratocaster shines in a novel hue, Mars Mocha Heirloom, and is equipped with features that pay homage to Bruno's musical inspirations, the legendary Jimi Hendrix and Prince.

This $3,000 marvel is more than just an instrument; it's a passport to the Bruno Mars sound, complete with custom pickups mirroring the sonic essence of his hit records. Each guitar arrives ready for the spotlight, complete with a case and a leopard-print strap that nods to the wild artistry of Mars' heroes.

In a statement, Bruno shares his vision behind the collaboration with Fender, emphasizing the guitar's role as a catalyst in his songwriting journey, capable of unlocking new dimensions of creativity. The objective was clear: to create a versatile "workhorse," reliable for live performances and dynamic enough for studio sessions.

With the Bruno Mars Signature Stratocaster, fans and musicians alike can now strum along with the finesse that Mars infuses into his music, whether laying down a rhythm or launching into a lead, all while owning a piece of the artist's personal style and musical journey.

LIVE! Wednesdays at 8pm ET on YouTube!


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