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Ed Sheeran's Witty Comeback to Rod Stewart's Comments: A Social Media Buzz

Ed Sheeran


In a twist that's as amusing as it is bewildering, music legend Rod Stewart recently found himself at the center of headlines not for his own songs, but for his candid admission of not being familiar with the work of fellow British musician Ed Sheeran. This revelation came during an interview with The Times, where Stewart struggled to recall an artist producing "timeless" tracks akin to his own classic, "Maggie May." His attempts led him to praise "Whatshisname ... he's British, really talented and his songs will be around," which many assumed referred to Sheeran. However, Stewart clarified, "No, not Ed, I don’t know any of his songs," humorously dubbing him "old ginger bollocks." The intended praise was for George Ezra, known for the hit "Budapest," yet it was Stewart's comments about Sheeran that stole the spotlight.

In a response that's both cheeky and understated, Ed Sheeran took to his Instagram Stories, sharing a photo of Rod Stewart with a facial expression that could only be interpreted as, "Really?" Without words, Sheeran's post speaks volumes, embodying the blend of disbelief and humor that many fans felt upon hearing Stewart's remarks. Currently on an Asian tour, Sheeran chose to let the photo do the talking, steering clear of any direct comments.

The notion of Rod Stewart, an iconic figure in the music world, being unfamiliar with Ed Sheeran's work is surprising to many. Sheeran's songs, especially hits like the 2017 chart-topping "Shape of You," have achieved global acclaim, making them nearly inescapable in both the U.K. and U.S. music scenes. This interaction between two generations of musicians highlights not just the vastness of the music industry but also the playful banter that can exist among its stars.

This exchange has sparked a flurry of social media reactions, with fans and followers chiming in with their thoughts, laughs, and disbelief. It's a reminder of how music connects us, transcends generations, and occasionally, leads to lighthearted moments that entertain fans worldwide.


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