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Cher's Timeless Charm: Age is Just a Number and Jeans are Forever

Cher in April 2023


Cher divulges her secret to preserving her youthful essence, and it's a practice anyone can adopt.

Facing the reality of aging, the iconic singer, 77, recently expressed on Good Morning Britain, "It’s hard to grasp I'll be 80 in a few years. Yet, I'll still sport my jeans, maintain my long hair, and embrace the same activities and styles I've always loved."

Defying societal expectations, she's not prepared to abandon her youthful trademarks - her jeans and long locks. Cher reminisces, “I recall a conversation with my friend Paulette about when we’d need to trim our hair and give up on jeans. In those times, that's what women did. That moment hasn’t arrived for me.”

When queried about additional secrets to her youthful demeanor, she accredited her family's incredible genes, mentioning her mother, Georgia, who lived to 96. "I'm not certain if feeling young equates to being young. I’m well-versed in modern trends and enjoy the company of both young and old friends. To be clear, I don’t strive to feel or appear younger. I'm genuine in my essence. Life goes on, and I just move with it."

Beyond her genes and mindset, Cher has a dedicated fitness routine that incorporates yoga. She cheekily adds that indulging in ice cream keeps her spirits high. Venturing into the business side of her love for the dessert, she introduced her own gelato brand, 'Cherlato', featuring unconventional flavors like avocado and crispy breadcrumbs. However, she admits, “While people are leaning towards unique flavors, I'm more of a chocolate enthusiast."

Fans have more to anticipate from Cher, with new music and a memoir in the pipeline. Addressing her book's progress, she lightheartedly remarks, “The challenge isn't writing; it’s that I’ve experienced so much over the years.”

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