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Celebrating a Decade: Hozier Reflects on "Take Me to Church" and Its Lasting Impact

Hozier performing on stage.


A decade has passed since Hozier's evocative anthem, "Take Me to Church," resonated with millions, propelling him from an undiscovered Irish songwriter to an international music sensation.

In a candid chat with ABC Audio, Hozier fondly reminisces about the track's "humble beginnings." "I was just an unsigned Irish songwriter when 'Take Me to Church' came to life," he recalls. "I recorded those vocals in my family home's attic. My dreams for the song were modest at best."

His hopes were that the song would resonate with listeners, capturing the essence he'd intended. "The song was an expression of my heart, and I felt proud that it conveyed its message so poignantly. But the overwhelming reception it received was something I hadn't dared to dream of."

The single not only climbed to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 but also achieved the coveted Diamond certification by the RIAA. Fast forward to today, and the anthem still pulsates with life as Hozier performs it for thousands of fans during his concerts. "Every performance rekindles my love for the song," he shares. "Feeling the crowd's electrifying energy and witnessing their joy rejuvenates me each time."

For Hozier, the song’s themes and messages remain as relevant today, if not more so. "Reflecting on it, 'Take Me to Church' has become even more poignant now than it was a decade ago. Its commentary on society and its nuances are even more pressing in today's landscape."

Currently, Hozier is on the road, captivating audiences with tracks from his latest album, "Unreal Unearth."

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