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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari calling it quits after 14 months of marriage

Britney & Sam at an event


Sam Asghari and Britney Spears are getting a divorce! They were married for 14 months, but now they're splitting up. According to Entertainment Tonight, a source said that Britney is really sure she didn't cheat on Sam. They've been having problems for a while, and it all came to an end after a big fight.

ABC News tried to get a comment from Britney's representative, but no luck so far. It seems like Britney is having a tough time with the breakup. The insider says she hasn't been doing well emotionally, physically, or mentally. But don't worry, she has people around her who are supporting her and helping her through this tough time.

Another source told ET that Britney and Sam have had their ups and downs in their relationship. They love each other, but they argue a lot about important things. Sometimes they feel like their needs aren't being met. Lately, their arguments have gotten worse and more serious.

Someone else said that Britney and Sam have had problems even before they got married. When they spend time apart, their issues get worse. Britney sometimes feels like Sam doesn't make her a priority. They also have different ideas about their future together, which causes even more problems.

TMZ was the first to report the split, and they said it was because Sam accused Britney of cheating on him. It's a sad situation, especially since they met on the set of Britney's music video in 2016 and got married in 2022.

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