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AJ McLean Celebrates Two Years of Sobriety and Reveals Upcoming Projects

AJ McLean at 90's Con


Two years into his sobriety journey, Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean shares insights about the challenges and triumphs he's experienced along the way.

Speaking exclusively to People magazine, AJ reflected, "While life feels incredible right now, the path to sobriety requires daily commitment. Whether I attend a meeting or not, it's a consistent effort." He emphasizes the importance of communication, noting, "I engage with my sponsor and fellow program members every day." McLean further revealed a recent 10-week stint in a mental health outpatient program, calling the experience "immensely rewarding."

In light of his personal progress, AJ feels ready to tackle another Las Vegas residency with the Backstreet Boys, a concept he previously found challenging. He remarked, "Addiction doesn't hinge on a location; it's not Vegas' fault. It follows you."

2024 is gearing up to be a significant year for the singer. In April, fans can look forward to "Backstreet’s Back at the Beach," an exclusive vacation event in Mexico. However, AJ is not just riding the group wave; he's set to release a two-part solo album. He gave People a sneak peek, describing the music as a blend of "funk, R&B, pop, and soul, with an '80s twist and some Silk Sonic vibes. It promises to be exciting."

In a delightful crossover, AJ and his daughter Elliott are partnering with *NSYNC's Joey Fatone and his daughter Kloey for The Children’s Place's festive campaign. Fun fact: Elliott is an *NSYNC aficionado, while Kloey leans more towards Backstreet. AJ joyfully shared, "The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and now chat regularly."

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