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35 Surprising Facts About Rock Icon Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters

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On January 14th, the world celebrates the birthday of Dave Grohl, a legendary figure in the rock scene known for his roles in Nirvana and Foo Fighters. Let's dive into 35 lesser-known aspects of this rock icon's life:

  1. Dave entered the world in Warren, Ohio, born to a teacher mother and a news writer father.

  2. Childhood saw him relocating to Springfield, Virginia, and facing his parents' divorce at 7.

  3. Young Dave aspired to become a helicopter pilot.

  4. Around 10 or 11 years old, Dave's encounter with apple-flavored Redman Chew turned him off tobacco for good after it made him sick.

  5. Guitar lessons began at 12, but Dave soon chose to self-teach, finding lessons uninspiring.

  6. A pivotal summer at 13 with his cousin in Illinois introduced him to punk rock.

  7. Dave's first live music experience was a Naked Raygun concert in Chicago at 13.

  8. High school saw him as the freshman class Vice President, where he mixed punk tunes into morning announcements.

  9. Concerns over marijuana affecting his grades led to multiple high school transfers.

  10. His high school years were filled with music, playing in various bands and self-teaching drums.

  11. Dave's admiration for Led Zeppelin's John Bonham was profound, evidenced by a symbolic tattoo.

  12. A stint at a Tower Records in Washington DC ranks as his least favorite job.

  13. His first major band role was with DC's Scream at 17, having fibbed about his age.

  14. During his Scream days, connections with the Melvins led to his eventual Nirvana audition.

  15. Joining Nirvana, Dave wrote music but was too awed by Kurt Cobain to share, instead recording it solo.

  16. Post-Nirvana, he briefly drummed for Tom Petty but declined a permanent spot.

  17. Dave was a contender for Pearl Jam, even touring with them in Australia in 1995.

  18. The Foo Fighters’ demo saw Dave playing nearly all instruments, with a single guitar exception.

  19. Dave and his then-wife cameoed in an episode of "The X-Files" in 1996.

  20. In just two weeks, Dave recorded the soundtrack for the 1997 movie "Touch".

  21. Dave's metal project Probot, years in the making, featured icons like Lemmy Kilmister.

  22. 2009 marked the formation of Them Crooked Vultures with Josh Homme and John Paul Jones.

  23. In 2013, Dave produced for Ghost, a Swedish metal band he admired, and contributed to songs.

  24. Dave's Grammy collection exceeds a dozen, once used in a humble domestic role.

  25. A 2000 incident saw Dave fined for DUI on a scooter in Australia.

  26. An acid trip on a boat led to hallucinations of miniature dinosaurs for Dave.

  27. His go-to meal? Sausage and beans.

  28. A favorite drummer joke reflects his sense of humor.

  29. Self-conscious about his nostrils since childhood, Dave endured playful remarks.

  30. Unique talent: Dave can simultaneously whistle and speak.

  31. Chewing gum on stage aids his vocal performance.

  32. Married twice, Dave's second marriage to Jordyn Blum blessed him with three daughters.

  33. Warren, Ohio honored him with both a key to the city and a street in his name.

  34. Financially, Dave ranks as the world's third-richest drummer.

  35. Despite his musical prowess, Dave doesn’t read sheet music and relies on his ear for composition.

Cheers to Dave Grohl, a true rock legend whose life story is as fascinating as his music career!


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