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Pink Confronts Circumcision Protester at San Antonio Concert

Pink performing on stage


During a recent performance in San Antonio, global superstar Pink experienced a rather unconventional interruption, leading to a fan's ejection from the venue.

In the midst of her acoustic set, a video clip captured by attendees and later shared on TikTok revealed Pink pausing to decipher a message displayed on a fan's phone. Upon closer inspection, the bold words read: "circumcision: cruel and harmful."

Reacting to the unexpected protest, Pink said, “You're attempting to make a statement, aren't you? Proud of your effort?”

She added with a mix of sarcasm and genuine curiosity, “You invested in a ticket just to showcase this sentiment?” She then light-heartedly commented, “I might just splurge on a Birkin bag using that ticket revenue,” before firmly stating, “This isn't the platform for that.”

To ensure the crowd was in the loop, the man displayed his message to fellow concert-goers. Pink clarified, “He's adamant about everyone witnessing his stance on circumcision.” Following this, she instructed security to escort the man out, which they promptly executed.

Remarkably, this isn't Pink's initial brush with the sensitive subject of circumcision. Rewind to 2019, when Pink felt compelled to disable comments on a candid poolside image of her then 2-year-old son, due to unsolicited backlash regarding his appearance and debates on circumcision. The singer responded to the controversy, questioning, “Outraged over my son's anatomy? Discussing circumcision so passionately? Is this a genuine concern?” She elaborated, “Like any mother at the beach, it slipped my notice when he removed his swim diaper.”

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