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Ellie Goulding assures fans her “face is intact” after fireworks mishap

Ellie Goulding performs on stage


Something crazy happened to Ellie Goulding while she was performing on stage! You know how sometimes fans throw things at artists? Well, Ellie got hit with something too, but it was actually one of her own special effects!

There's this video on TikTok that shows Ellie singing her super popular song "Miracle" at a festival in England. Right when she sings the line "To believe in a miracle," a cool pyrotechnics effect goes off and it looks like it hits her in the face!

She stops for just a moment, says a bad word (oops!), and then keeps on performing like nothing happened. It all happened so fast that some fans didn't even notice it.

But don't worry, Ellie let everyone know that she's totally okay. She posted on her Instagram Story and said, "to those asking I am ok! Pyro didn't hit me directly in the face. Face is intact. Love you thank you x." She even added a firework GIF to show she's all good.

By the way, did you know that Ellie and her husband, Caspar Jopling, are going to celebrate their fourth anniversary soon? They got married in England in 2019 and had a bunch of famous people at their wedding like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. They also have a cute little son named Arthur who was born in 2021.

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