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Dual Dynamism: Mike Faurot’s Enchanting Melodies & Geoscience Marvels

Thumbnail from Jams 'N' Cocktails YouTube channel


Prepare to be captivated by the compelling duality of Mike Faurot, a Treasure Coast luminary who artfully navigates between enchanting melodies and the marvels of geoscience!

In the gentle embrace of the twilight, Mike doesn’t merely craft hypnotizing melodies; he also spirals into the depths of the scientific universe with his geoscience expertise! With a day job dedicated to molding young intellects as a diligent science teacher, he unravels the mystifying secrets encapsulated within our enchanting planet. But as the luminescence of the evening takes over, Mike’s soulful tunes emerge both under the spotlight on stage and within the digital waves of your podcast feed through his own show, "Ghost on the Aux."

Join us for an evening effervescent with lively dialogues as we explore the bewitching bifurcation of this singer, songwriter, scientific savant, and podcasting aficionado. A rendezvous with Mike Faurot promises not just a glimpse into his worlds, but an immersive experience that’s unquestionably a rocking revelry of rhythm and research!

LIVE! Wednesdays at 8pm ET on YouTube!


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